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so my dad gave me a really nice chunk of money on saturday night. He gave the same to my sister and a bit less to my younger brohers and sisters although still a lot of money for them being they are stll living at home and the youngest are young.

He told us we are not allowed to save it for retirement, invest it, buy real estate or anything like that. we are to spend it and have more fun in life. LOL

so we are. going to meet my dad today in the city and buy scott a Rolex. My dad, uncle, his best, friend and some others in their "group" all sport the same Rolex so going to buy one for scott. He always loved theirs and will lov having one. He has no idea. going to surprise him.

I also want to reset my diamond in my engagement ring in a new setting. so hopefully the jewler has some nice ideas because my diamond is very high which makes it hard to place in a different type of setting. but i been dying for a new setting. so going to take the kids fake watches into the city to do that today

and I told myself that if I lose these 15 lbs and maintain for a couple months, i getting myself an entire new wardrobe. so total motivation there. the scale was at 143 this morning. not too hot at all.

so thats exciting. we decided we are not going to have another kid. this money totally gives us freedom to travel a lot more and just do what we want. get babysitters when we want, go out. we want to go to israel next year. and having a baby and starting all over would kind of stink.

so it was a good weekend there.

yesterday we went pumpkin picking, hayrides. had a great time. i have a ton of pictures to put up

Dropped Brock off, took all the leftover supplies (sodas, water, etc) to the school room where PTO stores stuff, took the deposit to the bank for PTO, marathon trip to walmart, chili in the crockpot, dishes put away and dishwasher unloaded. UGH! I feel sort of productive.

We are about to buy a truck, I think. We need one for hauling stuff when we build, and since my Mazda CX-9 doesn get great gas mileage since it is a crossover/SUV then we decided it wouldn be too much worse to get a Silverado with crew cab. I will be driving it. You definitely need to get out more, so it will come in handy;) LOL, I like the idea of getting a new engagement ring setting.

Michelle - hope P feels better. Maybe her nebulizer crazed lungs made her do it.

Mardi, I would be exhausted too. Awesome about Eli crawling, and great idea on the costumes. My 2 have Breitling watches been worker guy and fairy for the last 2 years, and I don see it changing anytime soon.

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