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IF youre looking for some good news about the economy and who, pray tell, is not? here you go. Men have become besotted with accessories.

Belts. Bags. Bracelets. In the latest evidence Modern Man indulgence of the self, sales of m accessories in th f of 2009 were up more than 7 percent o the period in 2008, according to NPD Group, whi tracks retail sales. (Womens sales d 11 percent.)

The be seller se only to fitting: wallets (to pump up yo currency) a 30 percent; belt (to slim down your debt) u 38 percent. And there ar plenty of othe spots, f well-known and expensiv brand to obscu and thrifty ones. Pr d a walking out the door at Barneys N York and Jeffrey New York. Mens bag sales of wh are 14 pe are among the yea top seller Gucci and Prada.

In Massachusetts, at the v Alden Shoe Compan dro in its 1950s-style shoes at tr shop has been offset Aldens newfound popularit at trendy stores like Steven Alan in New Swiss Replica Watches Yo On L Island, at the 127-year-old sailmaker Wm. J. Mills Co., ne all th gro in the co preppy (and s fashionable) line of canvas b i from sales t men.

Thats abs th cas here, s Robert Duffy, th president of Marc Jaco who said that the NPD numbers squ own. W already shipped ou f cash stuff to stores hats, gloves, scarv and its selling li craz bett than last year, bett than th year before, better than ever. I dont kn why peopl Bal Harbo ar cash in August, . its mostly guy Its not women.

And m in e pric o style does not seem to ha been a dra as Tom Kalenderian, t mens fash dire of Barneys, noted. It a l impulsive fashion items, he sa sounding slig puzzled. B shoes, j whether its icon on a leather o a ti bar, w all of a everyone ha to have. And e be explosive. In seas when y would think pric matters, the most high-end ey s t best.

The ov figur are re Far fr representing frivolous drop in the retail bucket, sales of mens accessori from billion to b increasing the men percentage of the overall accessories xafs from 27 to 31 percent. should be looking for so strange, contagi vir that seiz men with a sudden man t accessorize. B actually, to ch metaph it is more like a rogue wa w se waves co together to make a m First ther is t fact that mens accouterments tend t d well lean times, guys realize that they can freshen up th look thr new o satch whic unlike n clothes, can be used every day.

The most fashion-forward r is doing well because, a M Duff explained, accessories are impulse buys. With many men cutting b on standard lu like vacations, they invariably drawn t mino indulgences (just as sales candy and movie tickets have b up). Howe flash pa of Raf Simon futuristi designer sneakers are still f less th the most modest n car.

Mr. Duffy also offered that, in his experien men dont t w the women do. Women a very savvy, h said. Theyll se som they want, but theyll f it to g sale. Men, if they see something they li and its r they get it. They dont want to come back.

The final piece the puz q si that guys finally ca to the acce powe as a coup d ma?tre that, style-wise, separates the men fro th boys.

Anyone c buy an a mannequin, said Ma Cohen, NPDs ch analyst. Having good accessories m youve got your gam on.

This is even more true now that g stylish ar so easy to find, theres barel any left in shopping fo them.

With clothing, in fashion i ju rehashed v of something vintage, said Martin Keehn, a mens wear designer who is fastidious about seek out accessories with flair just t rig 70s sunglasses understated gold necklace. T a m wa of myself apart fro eve el And theyre safe and modular. Its just lik growing up; you could dress normal as any other kid, but then Replica Watches y New Wave sunglasses on and Devo.

But where does it end? Is it o t sport belt and Diesel waistband? I was talking about that last with guy at Proje wh into these belt buckle Mr. C said, referring to large mens wear trade show. I said, Arent you going to detract from the belt and buckle if you th underwear com out? And h No, Im blasting the billboard on the back; now Im look t enhan t front.

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